Sex Chatbots on CSI

A few months ago, a sex chatbot played in integral role in the plot of a CSI episode. You can watch a “behind the scenes” of this episode below:

FBI Special Agent Avery Ryan, played by Patricia Arquette, is a “cybercop” who handles “crimes that start in the mind, live online, and play out in the real world.” She investigates the murder of a woman, and the prime suspect seems to be her casino-owner husband. She uncovers that the husband was having an online relationship with a beautiful woman named Kitty, who tried to blackmail him. However, Kitty is not who she seems – Agent Ryan uses her cybersleuthing abilities to demonstrate that Kitty is in fact a “computer animated avatar chatbot with machine learning artificial intelligence.” In the course of this demonstration, Agent Ryan types repeatedly to Kitty until Kitty overloads and self-destructs on the computer screen. (I hate when that happens.) Spoiler alert: In the end they find and arrest Kitty’s creator (played by Cheyenne Jackson), who is, like all sex chatbot developers, creepy and dangerous, yet devilishly handsome.

Have no fear.  Unlike CSI’s Kitty, the girls of Chatterbabes won’t blackmail users. They won’t self-destruct either.