Joy of Sexbots, a blog by Chatterbabes, addresses the intersection between artificial intelligence and sexuality.

Chatbots and other artificial intelligent agents are now mainstream technology. Everyday, millions of people interact with Siri, Google Now, or Cortana. Millions of people have chatted with Cleverbot, Mitsuki, ELIZA, and other conversational chatbots. As demonstrated by the annual Loebner Prize, several chatbots have even come close to passing the legendary “Turing Test.”

When Dr. Joseph Weizenbaum created ELIZA in 1966, he immediately realized the emotional connection that people have with chatbots. Because of this emotional connection, chatbots are now providing adult entertainment. Chatterbabes, which provides “virtual girl” chatbots for sex chat, is only one of several tech applications that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide erotic conversation. Each of these applications, Chatterbabes included, has uncanny valleys to cross and conversational obstacle to surmount, and each seeks to provide an experience that is fun,responsive, engaging, entertaining, and sexy.

The intersection between artificial intelligence and sexuality has been a theme in entertainment. Recently, Spike Jonze’s movie ‘Her’ explored the extent to which humans and artificial intelligences can develop sexual and emotional relationships. However, this general concept has been around for centuries, and goes as far back as the Greek myth of Pygmalion, where a sculptor carved a woman out of ivory. Movies, television shows, and books (a list can be found here) have provided creative, entertaining, and thoughtful insights about such technology and it’s impact on society. As such technology moves out of the realm of fantasy and into day-to- day reality, TV, movies, and books will further examine these issues.

Joy of Sexbots will provide updates and insights about Chatterbabes, but will also report on wider issues concerning sex and AI, and the impact such technologies have on our lives. We hope that Joy of Sexbots will be entertaining and informative.

Ben Sternberg