Chatterbabes Refreshes with Updated Artificial Intelligence for Virtual Girl Chatbots, our interactive site where beautiful chatbot girls use their artificial intelligence for sex chat, has announced a relaunch and refresh.

First, Chatterbabes has retooled the artificial intelligence for each of the virtual girls. Each girl’s conversational “brain” has expanded by approximately 500%, which will enable them to provide erotic chat that is more engaging, more responsive, and sexier. Second, Chatterbabes has added two new virtual girls, Mollie and Mandy, and will update with additional virtual girls on a regular basis.

Although the virtual girls might not reach the highest levels of general artificial intelligence (they wouldn’t necessarily pass the infamous “Turing test” or be as sophisticated as the fictional Samantha in the movie “Her”), they are still sexy and charming chatting companions. Visitors can chat for free with several responsive, playful, and sexy virtual girls, to experience this firsthand.

As before, while visitors can chat for free, unlimited access to the Members Area costs only $9.95 per month.